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Crown & Bridges

A crown us a covering of the existing tooth. It is considered like a “helmet: for your teeth or sometimes referred to as a “cap”. There are two main reasons why we would decide to do a crown for your tooth

  1. Not enough tooth structure: if a tooth has a very large cavity or the tooth has a very big filling already but it is now defective and requires replacement, then we would consider placing a full coverage restoration over the tooth. This is because
  2. Root canal treatment: Usually after root canal treatment the tooth would then require a crown. This is because after root canal treatment the tooth is weakened and so is more prone to fracture

A bridge is a multiple crown restoration to fill in a gap in your mouth that may have come about from extracting a tooth or by other means. Normally a crown is made for the tooth behind the gap and a crown for the tooth in front of the gap and then a crown is made to fill the gap and all these crowns are attached together. The purpose is to “bridge” the gap between the two existing teeth. This can provide a strong, functional, and aesthetic solution to tooth loss.


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A little bit of information:

Why Do I Need X-rays?

Digital radiography allows us to see areas throughout your mouth that aren’t visible during a regular exam. Small cavities, cysts, bone loss and abscesses are just a few examples. Fortunately, today’s technology uses as much as 90% less radiation as conventional dental X-rays, making them safer than ever.

Since digital imaging is instantly available, you’ll enjoy a more efficient appointment and be able to co-diagnose your condition alongside our dentists.